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Rail mount 4 channel constant voltage dimming drive actuator


  • size:


  • installation:

    Installation method: 4P 35 mm standard DIN rail

  • color/material:

    ivory white/PC flame retardant material

  • specifications:

    Working voltage: 21~30V DC,Input voltage: 12~36V DC,Rated current: 5AX4 channels,Rated power: 4X (60~180W),Operation and instructions: Prog button and red LED: used to allocate physical addresses; green LED flashing: indicating normal operation of the application layer; OT.LED: indicating over temperature, when the temperature is ≧70 °C, OV.LED: indicating over voltage, when Voltage﹥40V DC,Operating temperature: -5 °C ... + 45 °C,Ambient conditions - humidity < 93%, except condensing。

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