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Super touch inductive smart panel


  • size:


  • installation:

    Cartridge mounting (86, 80 bottom boxes)

  • color/material:

  • specifications:

    Super touch inductive smart panel is made of innovative materials imported from Italy, combined with multi-layer coatings and nanotechnology applications, and uses electron beam curing technology. Extremely low light reflectivity, super fog surface appearance, comfortable and soft touch and anti-fingerprint characteristics make the CITRON panel texture warm and delicate, both natural texture and modern science and technology sense, vaguely revealing a simple and beautiful attitude to life. It integrates an RS-485 protocol communication module, which can control universal switching lighting equipment, dimming lighting equipment, motor drive equipment or other programmable switches, and has been specially designed for wall concealed installation. The new color scheme is inspired by traditional Chinese colors, with both image beauty and concrete beauty, and a unique classical charm. Support color customization, multiple options, fashion high appearance level.

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