Precise control, all seasons are like spring

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Centralized control of multi-space HVAC equipments makes environmental control more convenient

Supporting centralized control of multi-space HVAC equipment, the customized long and short press function button and quick control of commonly used HVAC equipment, you can view and control the status of any HVAC equipment in your house intuitively and conveniently, and keep the wall clean and beautiful

No fear of seasons change, the residence is like spring all year round

Control of refrigerant air conditioner and water machine air conditioner and underfloor heating equipments, the comfortable mode and energy-saving mode keep the environment pleasant and comfortable consistently

Inheriting the design aesthetic concept, the texture is full of stability and efficiency

Simple color contrasting design and aluminum frame with LCD display inherit Citron’s design aesthetics. The high-quality aluminum alloy frame is formed by one-piece extrusion, which is gentle tactility and soft touch. High-quality and high-reliability components are used inside to ensure stable and efficient operation of the equipment all day

  • color solutions
  • space gray
  • glacier gold
  • glacier silver
  • meteor black
  • polar white
  • carbon black
  • cloudy silver
  • saddlebrown
  • blush gold
  • crystal purple



Specifications:Operating voltage: 21~32 V DC auxiliary power supplied by bus
Rated current:≦ 10mA,Load current: 2 A (resistive load), 1 A (inductive load)
Operating temperature:–5°C~+45°C
Operating humidity: 5%~95% RH
Installation:mounted box type 86/80
Color/material:the color can be same as the smart scene panels
metallic frame with metallic buttons

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