Smart Cloud Gateway


Exquisite and small, powerful in control

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Multiple interfaces, automatically generated on demand

CITRON's host uses cloud platform and blockchain distributed technology to provide a variety of protocol control interfaces and an integrated ecological platform, which can perfectly combine control and integration, compatibility and openness

System integration, artworks with unique Chinese characteristics

The host covers scene lighting, curtain control, multimedia interaction, home theater, ambient temperature management, security, remote monitoring and many other controls. The hardware design that has won international awards, the concise UI interface, and the unique Chinese lunar solar term calendar are integrated into all the above control systems, which are one of the highlights of the CITRON host

Rich applications to support personalized lifestyle customization

Users can not only customize to suit their special personalized lifestyles, but also install basic equipment according to their budget, and gradually expand and integrate into a complete smart home automation solution

  • color solutions
  • cloudy silver
  • carbon black

Smart Cloud Gateway


Specifications:COM BUS port (22~26 V DC), Ethernet 10/100M adaptive
1 RS-232 port, 1 infra-red learning input (machine learning from the infra-red controller)
2 infra-red output (* 1 interface is in the device display, no external infra-red connector is needed)
2 RS-485 ports, 1 set DC12V (0.5A) output, 6 digital I/O input ports
Installation : portable
Power: DC24V 2A
Operating temperature:0~42 °C
Color/material:silver gray / black

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