6-load plug-in light actuator


Let the light illuminate the colorful livable life

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Centralized control of the whole house lighting, regional lighting changes follow your heart

The product is a plug-in module which has light switch and dimming mixed control design. Through centralized management of grouping and sub-regions, it helps residents to flexibly control the lighting of the whole house or independent space, and carry out free control of light switch and dimming precisely to let residents enjoy a comfortable, convenient and healthy lighting environment

Switching and dimming synchronous, wiring is not complicated

On the basis of in-depth mastery of light control technology and dimming technology, product designers have carried out product innovation and integration of the light control and dimming technology. Through the unique plug-in single module design, 6-channel local wired switching and dimming are used in the architectural space. It retains the stable inherent advantages of the wired lighting control system, and at the same time solves the problem of complex wiring of rear edge tangential dimming and subsequent upgrades and renewals for system and difficulty of adding electrical equipments, effectively solving the industry's pain points

High-value craftsmanship and exquisite appearance, diverse and convenient control methods

The appearance abandons the traditional large and cold industrial-grade strong and weak electric box design to achieve perfect slimming. The all-metal craft and acrylic materials are combined to build exquisite and beautiful appearance, and the special back box is installed in the wall, which does not occupy space. The multi-form control of local intelligent scene panel, screen type intelligent control terminal and artistic interactive mobile phone App are convenient and fast

  • color solutions
  • space gray
  • polar white

6-load plug-in light actuator


Specifications: Working voltage: 21~30V DC,Input voltage: 230V AC 50HZ~60HZ
Output voltage: 230V AC 50HZ (phase adjustment)
Load capacity: single-channel dimming 250W single-channel switch 16A 230V AC (resistive load)
Size: 258mm*86mm*57mm
Operating temperature: -5 °C ... + 45 °C
Ambient conditions - humidity < 95%, except condensing
Installation: the special junction box shall be installed 300 mm above the ground
color/material: iron black/white color frame,PC flame retardant material back box

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