KNX multi function touch panel with two pushbuttons


One machine with multiple functions, enjoy life wisely

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Extreme craftsmanship to create good looking and high quality artworks

Using T6 series aviation aluminum materials as raw materials, the world's top flat grinding technology, original imported zircon sand blasting, and experienced high-precision CNC processing, you can enjoy the pleasure of organic integration of technology, products and design

Multi-function scene setting, one screen to control a big home

Interactive control of scenes, lights, curtains, temperature and other functions, one machine has multiple functions. The excellent customized setting function and ingenious use of high-definition touch screen and industrial design combined with common scene physical buttons, reflect humanistic care and intuitive user’s operation to achieve synchronous display on the touch screen terminal, full of strong black technology atmosphere

Random collocation, can be integrated into different space styles

The multi-color frames are randomly matched and selected to create a restrained and calm charm, inadvertently adding a touch of minimalism

  • color solutions
  • space gray
  • glacier gold
  • glacier silver
  • meteor black
  • polar white
  • carbon black
  • cloudy silver
  • crystal purple
  • saddlebrown
  • blush gold

KNX multi function touch panel with two pushbuttons


Specifications:2 physical buttons can be used to configure the load device under regularly control or call the scene under highly frequent use
1 I/O port can be used to connect the sensor, the reset button, etc
Operating voltage: 21~32V DC auxiliary power supplied by bus
Rated current:≦15 mA,Power:﹤450 mw
Operating temperature:–5°C~+45°C
Operating humidity: 5%~95% RH
Size:86mm*86mm,Net weight: 0.25 kg
Installation method:mounted box type 86/80
Color/material:the color can be same as the smart scene panels
metallic frame with metallic buttons

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