inductive smart panel


With your hand waving, the control of home is within easy reach

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Extreme craftsmanship to create good-looking and high-quality artworks

Selected high-quality aerospace aluminum materials, many CNC processing, world-class flat grinding technology, Japanese dye oxidation and coloring, exploration of multiple inspirations in multidimensional space, and the split design of points, lines and surfaces, interpret Citron spirit of the ultimate craftsmanship

waving to control, realizing the configuration method of installed and used

The multi-function scene panels support personalized scene customization. It has built-in unique hidden sensor device. With a light wave of your hand, the function buttons will light up and everything at home is waiting for your instruction. Users can use the smart panel mechanism to execute programming settings which is intuitive and reliable and extend the value of intelligence and convenience to the maximum, and realize a install and use configuration method

Random collocation, can be integrated into different space styles

A variety of color solutions, different color combinations are full of visual impact in the home space. It will not overwhelm the guests, neither be oppressed by the space and can be versatile in any space style

  • color solutions
  • glacier gold
  • glacier silver

inductive smart panel


specifications:The smart panel has 4 buttons with 8 functions, that is
it supports switch/scene/illumination value/curtain control through press/hold operation on the button
It provides 2 I/O input ports suitable for the connection with the sensor, the contact module, the reset switch, etc.
Operating voltage: 21~32V DC,Rated current:≦10 mA
Operating temperature:–5°C~+45°C
Operating humidity: 5%~95% RH
Installation:Installation method: mounted box type 86/80
color/material:space gray,glacier gold,glacier silver
PC flame retardant material back box

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