Renew series·KNX offline voice panel


Using technology and art to start a smart living by voice control

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With extreme craftsmanship to create good-looking and high-quality products like an artwork

Using T6 series aviation aluminum materials as raw materials, the world's top flat grinding technology, original imported zircon sand blasting, and experienced high-precision CNC processing, you can enjoy the pleasure of organic integration of technology, products and design

KNX international standard, integrating many powerful functions in one

Compatible with 10,000+ KNX products around the world, support fuzzy semantic recognition in different regions, powerful system integration, intelligent linkage customization, and protect user privacy at all times

Random collocation, can adapt to different space styles

Rich and advanced color options to meet different wall decoration styles

  • 色彩解决方案
  • Space Gray
  • Space Gray
  • Glacier Gold
  • Glacier Silver
  • Meteor Black
  • Polar White
  • Malachite Green
  • Lightsky Blue
  • Light Eosine
  • Tortoise Black
  • Champagne Gold
  • Blush Gold
  • Wheat

Renew series·KNX offline voice panel


4/input 2 channels of IO, working temperature:–5 ° C ... + 45 ° C
working humidity:5%~95%RH except condensation
Speaker power:1W, effective distance:0~8M
(the final effect depends on the actual building space)
Installation method: 86/80 bottom box installation
box size: 120mm*120mm*65mm
Color/Material: Common to all square panels
PC flame retardant material bottom cover

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